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I Hate My Job! What are transferable skills? Learn to identify yours and love your next job.

July 23, 2019



Last week I shared my own experience leaving a "good job" which was not good for my happiness.           


I left my job confidently because I knew my transferable skills and how to bring them out on paper.


Today’s post is about identifying your transferable skills so you can do the same!





1. Onet Online 


I learned about Onet during my time managing a career center in Escondido, CA. You can look up your current job and desired occupation to find transferable skills with explanations and examples of those skills in use for the industry/occupation of choice. The site is easy to navigate and straight forward. It’s a great tool!


-          Military “crosswalk” MOC


During my time with the career center, I found transitioning Military Members struggling to identify transferable skills and successfully transfer those skills to Civilian language. Onet has a tab labeled "crosswalk" that allows you to enter the branch and corresponding MOC to help identify skills and how they transfer to related industries and positions.


2. CA Career Zone 


Yes, this says California because it uses stats and data from the state. However, the same information is useful regardless of where you reside. This tool is for the professional interested in an in-depth evaluation of skills and career path. The service is free, but be forewarned, this takes time. And if you don’t like taking tests, then avoid this tool.


I recommend three tests: Interests Profiler, Skills, Occupations



3. Review Job Postings/Descriptions: & LinkedIn Jobs 


- Pick three job postings/descriptions and review for common Keywords


- Next, write down the keywords. For each one, write a sentence describing a time you used this skill to complete a task, accomplish a goal, trained or coached another employee to use the skill.


Business professionals from all industries and at any level can use the tools I described above to help pinpoint transferable skills.


Remember, these tools provide a foundation in transferable skills.


The next step is to figure out what are the most valuable transferable skills you possess. Lucky for you, next week’s post will address your concerns.

I will provide a list of the top soft/hard skills, complete with descriptions.


You are on your way to taking control of your professional attributes and expanding your career opportunities!


Here are the remaining topics for our Transferable Skills series.


7/30/19 – Top Soft Skills /Top Hard Skills. And examples of how they transfer between industries


8/6/19 – How to display your transferable skills on your resume


8/13/19 – How to discuss your transferable skills in your interview


Until next Tuesday…


Comment Below: Tag a colleague, friend, family member wants to make a transition but doesn't know where to start. The more you discuss your transferable skills, the more confident you become in your abilities.


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