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Resume Tips: How Can I Be Authentic and Professional in My Resume?

February 19, 2019


As a professional resume writer, I review A LOT of RESUMES! I work with professionals from a multitude of industries, and I can say I am still surprised when I review a resume filled with pumped-up verbiage so distracting that I miss the candidate’s qualifications and accomplishments.


The first step in my resume writing process is to review my potential client’s resume or written work history to formulate a proposal for his/her project. I review the document against my client’s goals for the resume, i.e., promotion, new position, or career change. Let me share a quick story about maintaining your authentic voice in your resume.


Last year I reviewed a resume for a professional in Big Data sales. The Professional Summary section of his resume contained a sentence which stated he was, ‘a ferocious hunter in pursuit of the sale.' As stated above, he was in Big Data and not a hunter.


The point I want to impress upon you is my client's statement stood out and stuck in my memory even a year after the fact. However, the statement stands out as what NOT to write. Furthermore, the client I conversated with via phone was warm and extremely personable, nothing akin to a ferocious hunter, although talented in Big Data sales.


Of course, your resume will consist of powerful, attention-grabbing language, but remember to maintain your authentic voice.


1. No one believes a professional that states he/she is the best unless there is concrete evidence/accomplishments (quantifiable) to prove stature as a Subject Matter Expert (SME). Don't turn off prospective employers!


2. Don’t provide a reason for the hiring manager or HR professional to question why you present yourself in person quite differently than on paper.


3. When you work with a professional resume writer make sure he/she is reputable. Your resume writer needs to ask you questions and understand who you are as a professional to provide a high-quality resume.

Until next Tuesday…


Comment Below: Is your resume an accurate representation of you as a professional on paper and in person?


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