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Salary Negotiations: I Feel I am Worth More than the Initial Offer. How Do I Counter?

January 8, 2019


Salary Negotiations are tricky whether beginning in a new organization or receiving a promotion/raise. Begin with the concept and understanding that the first offer is just that, an offer. There is always room for negotiation.


Confidence is the key. When you understand the value you bring into the workplace you gain confidence and are more likely to ‘know your value.' Lets' take a look at the two scenarios I listed above beginning with negotiating a new hire offer.


I expect that you understand how to find the salary range for your position, if not please refer to my previous post RubyTuesday-CareerAdvice/#SalaryNegotiations. Examine the job description and identify the preferred/desired qualifications that you meet. Fulfilling these ‘extra' requirements is what sets you apart and why you are receiving the offer.


Next, Identify themes and ideas that your interviewer circled back to during your interview. Did you connect and expand on the ideas and processes the person interviewing you wants to instill within their organization?


The next step is to put your ‘value’ into writing. Remember your point of contact may need to illustrate why you require and deserve an increase in pay. Do you want to trust someone else with the power to advocate for you or would you like to gain control and show your advocate how to define your attributes?


How do you approach asking for a higher salary for a promotion? First, do not ask, require the salary you desire. One of the most critical factors for employee satisfaction is feeling valued/appreciated at work. Promotions are great, but if the pay is not complementary to the position, a promotion risks becoming lackluster. Therefore, it is in the interest of both parties to achieve common ground on salary.


In a perfect world, you are regularly keeping track of your accomplishments and how you impact the bottom line of your organization. If you are not doing this, START NOW! If you are keeping track, then print out your accomplishments and bring them into the room to discuss with your supervisor.


Again, understand the range for your position and then combine your accomplishments to secure the salary you command.


Tip: Salary negotiations are about your value, not the value of anyone else. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is as a manager to have an employee ask for a raise based on another employee's salary. You may be right that you deserve the same pay, but don't let this be your only argument.


If you want more numbers, you need to show some numbers. How do you make an impact on the organization?

Until next Tuesday…


Comment Below: Let me put the question to you. What is the number one way you have positively impacted your organization?

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