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About Us

Laura Bashore

Founder, Business Woman, Career Coach

As the proud founder of Anew Resume and Career Services – Arc, I can assure you our number one priority is customer satisfaction.  My career has expanded and diversified into various fields.  I began in the medical industry, moved to inside sales within the windows and doors industry, transitioned to career counseling in higher education, and finally found my niche within career services.  Having achieved management levels of promotion in all these industries, I eventually became in charge of hiring and running the community outreach program with local employers. 


I share my background to illustrate what I feel is our unique approach to job search and career expansion.  I have a passion for teaching and find fulfillment once a client masters the art of a successful job search strategy, i.e. (influential resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, job search navigation, and interviewing skills).  Once the client has that, they can ultimately achieve the job and career of their choice.


I was a Center Manager for North County Career Centers in Escondido, CA.  I worked with the unemployed and underemployed to help achieve their career goals.  I also worked with employers and feel that is why my clients were able to be successful.  I have full insight into what employers are looking for.